20 lessons we learned in 2020

This year has been... special, to say the least. We have faced innumerable challenges and downsides. But it was not all bad! Amidst all of the hardships there are always lessons to reflect upon. So, here we try to round up the 20 lessons that 2020 has left us with.

1. Empathy

Although each person experienced the pandemic to a different degree, we all had that one particular thing in common. A pandemic. We all had to abide by unprecedented rules and restrictions which completely impacted our daily routines. 

2. Patience

Whether you were waiting for quarantine to end or for your banana bread to get out of the oven... Our patience, individual and shared, was put to the test multiple time this year.

3. Resilience

Most countries bounced back from Covid waves not once or twice but three times during this year. We had to adapt our work and studies in order to maintain them at all.

4. We care about each other

We learned that we are more resourceful than we thought. From influencers raising millions of dollars for Covid relief to neighbors lending a hand and partying in their balconies. As human beings, we cared about our neighbors exactly because we were all going through the same, or similar, situations. 

5. The advantages and misfortunes of working/studying from home

What at the beginning sounded like vacations, avoiding your daily commute and working from the comfort of home or the beach. Quickly turned into a lonely period where we all had the chance to appreciate the outdoors and the value of time.

6. The value of things

Some people spent quarantine with or without their families. Either way, we valued the people in our lives so much more. We learnt of the value of the environment, people and our mental health. 

7. Our priorities shifted

When before people would cue for the latest bag or sneaker drop... This year we were cueing to buy toilet paper and baking supplies. 

8. Mental Health IS important

The uncertainty of this period together with all of the aforementioned  constrained us to take care of ourselves physically and, more importantly, mentally. 

9. Nothing is as easy as the tutorial makes it seem

Having had a lot of free time at home, most of us got into baking and crafts. And, let me tell you, if the tutorial says it will take an hour, prepare at least the whole day.

10. We were reminded of the importance of time

The time with our loved ones that we had previously taken for granted, time alone that every so often was so essential...

Emanuela working from home in the Alexandrine blouse

Maud in her face mask made from deadstock fabric
Wearing the Isabelle Gold blouse

11. Mindfulness and responsibility over our actions

Don't touch your face, wear your mask, wash your hands... Actions not only to protect ourselves but also our communities. 

12. Appreciate the outdoors

We glued ourselves to the screens but after the third day binge watching an old show, we found an unexpected nostalgia for the outdoors.Probably true to the saying: you don't know what you have until you lose it.

13. To reinvent ourselves

In order for our livelihoods to survive we had to adapt. Work from home, create content alone, shift our business models...

14. Everything can be done online

Shopping for clothes, groceries, ice cream, a tripod and anything your heart desires could be found online. 

15. But not everything should

But after the novelty of it all wore off, we craved sales assistants and shop owners to chat with.

16. To power dress in sweats and slippers

Probably the biggest perk of working from home was the flexibility of the dress code. If you felt like showing out you could wear a sequin skirt and heels but if you felt like not wearing pants, well, you could!

17. The importance of the 'mute' button

Especially when someone else is presenting and you don't live alone...

18. Adaptability

Going with the flow and adjusting to all the changes proved to be a skill necessary for our mental wellbeing.

19. It's ok not to be ok

Some people love to see the bright side of things, others need to fully process their emotions and go through all the faces of heartbreak, loss or sadness before they can start to heal. And both situations are valid.   

20. The importance of community

To find your tribe online, rely on your friends or help out neighbors and strangers made you and someone else's day just a little bit better. 

This new year, may we all count our blessings and pay it forward. May we learn how to take care of ourselves. May we find comfort in our loved ones. May we be kinder, more generous and understanding to the people around us. May we learn from the misfortunes of 2020 to better ourselves in 2021.

Happy New Year!