2022 Sustainability Report

The year is coming to an end and we would like to share with you our sustainability journey and the goals we accomplished as an ethical and sustainable brand made in Italy.

But what does being an ethical brand mean?

In simple words, an ethical brand leaves behind a legacy of values, strategies and actions that are morally right and ethical. An ethical brand contributes to society responsibly, positively, and in a sustainable way.

So what exactly did we do this 2022? 

- 100% of our clothes were made of dead stock fabrics, designed for low-impact garment care.

- 446 meters of dead stock fabrics were saved.

- We supported 11 Italian small businesses and independent workers.

- 100% traceability for our Tier 1 suppliers.

-100% of our shipping boxes are made with recycled cardboard, recyclable and FSC certified.

-90% of our team is female and we continue to be a woman-owned business.

- We collaborated with 3 female artists and creatives.

- Archive pieces that you loved were brought back.

What about 2023?

For next year our goals are to find a regenerated wool supplier and to reach 0% waste of our small scale production.

Thank you for shopping sustainably.

Written by:
Monica Saravia - Instance's Digital Manager