A day at Villa Monastero

Villa Monastero, located in Varenna on the shore of the Lake of Como, was the fairytale setting of our latest Spring Summer Campaign. The peaceful breeze and the calming waves surrounded the spectacular gardens of the Villa. Filled with colorful flowers, exotic plants and romantic statues, the gardens of Villa Monastero are a sight for sore eyes after months of lockdown. 

The terrace's breathtaking view and colourful tile made it the perfect spot for memorable pictures - and dreamy breakfast location. Looking at the lake's peaceful waters is like entering a Renaissance painting. It's a journey for the mind and for the soul. 

The water is omnipresent and the antique stone fountain was the perfect background to our photoshoot. 

The curated gardens are an enchanting frame to the villa and nearby buildings. The ideal balance between greenery and stone. 

One of our favorite locations was this beautiful staircase embellished with intricate moldings. The play of light and shadow - due to the century-old trees, made the settings even more romantic and inspiring.