Behind the scenes

by maud gerard

Behind the scenes

Designing a collection is an exciting and challenging journey. From the original sketch to the final piece, we wanted to share a little bit of Instance's creative process with you.

Step 1 : The Design 

All our pieces are designed by our founder, Maud, who takes inspiration from the Parisian and Milanese streets, vintage pieces and fashion magazines. She creates a mood-board, with different shapes, styles, colours, patterns and elaborates many silhouettes that could become part of the Instance collection.
She always has in mind to create garments that will make women feel bold, feminine, confident and comfortable. In fact our blouses and dresses are thought to elevate any look and to adapt to any occasion. At this stage, both a technical drawing with precise details and an illustration are made, in order to help the pattern maker translate the 2D dream into reality.

Step 2: The pattern and first prototypes

All our patterns are made in Milan by Antonella, an experienced model maker. In her workshop she recreates the drawings on a real size scale to build the 3D shape. She first creates a mock garment, made out of paper, that she places on a mannequin, in order to get a general idea of the volume. She then submits the pattern to a seamstress who sews the first prototype. Once it is ready, Antonella and Maud meet to discuss any improvements or change that needs to be done. A final pattern is then made and sent to be graded, in order to develop the various sizes of the garment.

Step 3 : Choosing the Fabrics 

As you may know, at Instance, we exclusively use high quality Italian and French fabrics to create our garments. We visit our trusted suppliers to choose our silks and cottons, according to the colour scheme that was defined for the collection. This step is one of the simplest yet most crucial ones. It is always difficult to picture what a certain shade will look like once it is made into a blouse or dress. It is however, very exciting!

Step 4: Sewing and Stitching

It is time for the production to begin! As you know, all our garments are Made in Italy, in the Milan area.
We work with a couple workshops, that we can visit regularly to make sure everything is perfect. This also allows us to order small quantities and to pick up the garments easily. 
Here, Mariarosa was working on an Isabelle shirt and was assembling the sleeves and the ruffles. It is always a pleasure to see our talented artisans work and to see fabric come to life in their hands. Mariarosa is a true magician and really amazes us!

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