DIY Face Mask

by Maestrooo Collaborator

DIY Face Mask

In the past few weeks, I think we have all felt scared and powerless in this unprecedented and unexpected situation. As a brand, we have had to adjust and adapt to the crisis in order to address you with the best tone and most relevant content. If you follow us on social media, you will have seen our "home series" in which we have been showing you how to style some pieces from our collection. Thank you for being so positive and reactive!

Today, we wanted to do something a bit different and useful. We decided to show you how to make your own face mask, using fabric (or old scarves) and elastics. We used leftover fabric from our collection and hair ties. This mask will have a pocket in which you will be able to insert a filter, in order to protect you from the virus.

Please be aware that this cloth mask is not a surgical mask or N-95 respirator substitute. Practicing social distancing and staying home is the best thing you can do, but if you do have to leave the house, health authorities advise you to cover your face beforehand, in order to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Please watch the video and follow the instructions written below to make your own mask. You can use the pattern provided below.
Happy sewing! 

You will need : 
- the pattern printed on paper
- some fabric or old scarf
- 2 elastics
- needle and thread or a sewing machine
- some pins
- a pair of scissors 

Step 1 : 
Cut out both shapes
Step 2 :
Fold the fabric once and pin both shapes on it. We used a yellow fabric for the FRONT of the mask and white for the BACK of the mask 
Step 3 :
Cut out both shapes following the pattern and remove pins 
Step 4 :
Sew or stitch the center of both pieces (there is a 0.5 cm seam allowance)
Step 5 : 
Clip the seams to make it easier to flatten the shape 
Step 6 : 
On the back piece, fold the sides of the mask and stitch 
Step 7 : 
Match both pieces, the RIGHT sides are facing each other and stitch the top and bottom of the mask
Step 8 :
Flip it inside out. At this point, you can iron the mask if you'd like to
Step 9 : 
Attach the elastics on the front part of the mask as shown 
Step 10 :
You can now insert a filter inside the pocket created between the two layers. You're done!

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