For the life of the party

A selection of gifts for those who like making an entrance.

Our sequin set is made for the spotlight. An eye-catching blouse+skirt combo that surely falls in the “unforgettable category”.

The Eldorado collection by maymOma just exudes elegance and sophistication, our favorite pieces are the ring and the bracelet; impeccable additions for any party look.

A bottle of Prosecco is always a superb idea. The Prosecco Rosé by Montelvini will amaze you with its delicate floral fragrance, its harmonious taste and beautiful packaging.

We believe the key for a dazzling party look is in the details. The Ksenia top is the best example with its open back and luscious silk. Also…did we mention it is made to measure?

Thank you for shopping sustainably and happy holidays!

Written by:
Monica Saravia - Instance's Digital Manager