An interview with Marija Krsikapa

Some women have a natural elegance, a true sense of style and a little je-ne-sais-quoi. Marija Krsikapa (@krsikapamarija) definitely is one of them. The Belgrade-born fashion and travel influencer has conquered the Instagram world with her flawless aesthetics, glamorous lifestyle and her ability to transport her audience to her dreamy destinations. Although she had imagined her life in America, where she got her High School degree, the Italian dolce vita and her Italian boyfriend made her change her mind! Marija is truly passionate about all things Italians, from the food to the culture to the amazing fashion...and of course we understand her! In Milan, she "can definitely see [herself] living and developing [her] career in the next years." While Marija is quite reserved about her private life, she agreed to answer a few questions about herself in this exclusive interview.

Over the course of a few years, you've managed to build a strong presence on social media, can you tell us more about how you became an influencer?  

I started my Instagram in the USA where I had plenty of free time and decided to share my passion for fashion, travel and photography with the world. It started as a hobby together with my best friend but over time I saw that some posts were performing better than others. I started analysing the market and my audience, which resulted in a successful strategy that brought me to where I am today!
I am very grateful for getting this chance because there is nothing better than being able to do something that you love and enjoy each day.
Being an influencer is fun and challenging at the same time. I love to be creative and express myself through images and share with my strong and trustful community. It gives me constant energy when I see how many people I can inspire each day. I also get to meet new people with similar interests from all around the world, attend international events and overall get to know and better understand the fashion industry.  

Is your job as dreamy and glamorous as it seems on Instagram? 

As every other job, being an influencer has its drawbacks. You need to learn how to disregard negative comments. At the start, this wasn’t simple for me, I was not as “mature” as I am today and these comments could affect me way more than they do today. You also are always exposed to the public and sometimes even share parts of your private life that you’d prefer not to share. If someone I am with prefers not to be exposed on my social media accounts, I respect that opinion and don't put anyone in an uncomfortable situation. From time to time, it can be difficult to balance the two worlds, but I guess that so far I am managing it well! 

I would not partner with a brand that I wouldn’t buy from myself or that doesn't share my personal values, this is very important when building and maintaining a trustful audience and a good reputation for yourself.

Marija wearing our Mariana blouse in Olive green at the Four Seasons in Milan.

What is your ambition with your account @krsikapamarija? I imagine you have to constantly challenge yourself!

From a very young age, I was so ambitious and always gave my maximum. I have just graduated my Master’s degree in Management in Milan and now I am ready for new challenges! I set myself weekly, monthly and yearly goals I want to accomplish, which gives me motivation to work hard and makes it easier to track my performance and results. I aspire to be better each day and learn from my mistakes.
Now, I will invest my time and effort into creating high quality and original content for my audience. Recently, I've been enjoying creating Reels because I get to be myself 100% in each of them and it’s a great way to introduce myself to my audience even better. I want to show my followers who I really am and to transmit them my positivity and happiness in this hard period for all of us. But it’s challenging to constantly come with new ideas, produce daily content, especially in this period when there are many travel restrictions and risks of a potential lockdown.  

What inspires you the most? Living in Milan, you are surrounded with constant inspiration, right?  

I find inspiration everywhere around me, in movies, in songs or in the architecture. Of course, I also get a lot of style inspiration online, especially on Pinterest. Milan is an international and fashionable city where different cultures, nationalities and styles find a perfect balance. You always run into stylish people, and that is what I love about this city. I appreciate that many people follow the trends but adapt them to their personality and therefore different trends can be seen styled in many ways, which is always energising.  

Is there someone you look up to?

It may sound like a cliché, but the person I look up to the most is my mother. She is a very strong woman who is always there to support me and cheer me up. Life abroad is great, but I do miss my family every second and can’t wait to go back home and hug them all!

Marija wearing our Mariana blouse in Olive green on with an adorable friend.

What do you look for in the brands you collaborate with?

What I notice first is the style and image of the brand. I evaluate if their style suits mine and if the quality of the pieces is good. I don’t want to disappoint my audience and lose the credibility I have built up to this point. I would not partner with a brand that I wouldn’t buy for myself or that doesn't share my personal values. I believe that this is very important when building and maintaining a trustful audience and a good reputation.
I am always happy to support small businesses and emerging brands from all over the world and introduce my audience to fashion or beauty brands that they aren't familiar with. Of course, I also enjoy collaborating with brands from my country, which produce in Serbia and use Serbian materials.

Are you sensitive to sustainability? Have you changed your behaviour in the past few years to lead a more sustainable life?

I have always much valued ethical brands and I partnered with various small luxury ethical and sustainable brands, which was a real pleasure! 

This 2020 has changed us as people a lot. I believe that we all became more sensitive to the environment and to sustainability. If someone hasn’t yet taken steps to change his or her behaviour, they will soon reconsider as there's a global interest in acting more ethically. Personally, I have started to take more environmentally friendly decisions and to live towards a more sustainable life and I am planning to work on it more and more in the upcoming period.  

"I am always happy to support small businesses and emerging brands from all over the world"

What would your ideal wardrobe be?

Oh, well, that’s a hard one! I guess my ideal wardrobe would include many cozy items to stay at home, and some of the basics that we all need like a good pair of high wasted denim, a black blazer with gold details and shoulder pads, a white shirt and a black mini dress.
My ideal wardrobe would also be full of oversized pieces. What I love about oversized clothes is that they can be easily dressed up or dressed down and that’s what make them a good choice for many occasions! For example, you can style oversized sweaters with mini or midi skirts, jeans, printed trousers or whatever you like and thus have many outfits with one piece. In my opinion, oversized pieces can never go out of style, so you can keep them for a very long time! 

Any advice you would like to give other young women who are thinking about starting their own Instagram?

I believe that this sector has room for anyone who is willing to work hard and who has original and creative ideas! Anyone who’s thinking of starting their new social media account should definitely do it, but first for themselves and then for others.
Social media is like your personal diary. You can easily scroll and see what you were doing that day last year, what you wore, and have all of your travel memories in one place. Online platforms are so inspiring, there are many creative people out there who bring something new to this industry each day.
I would lie if I told you that it’s an easy way up, but at the end, nothing comes without hard work and effort, so you should definitely go for it!

Thank you so much Marija for your time and for these beautiful pictures! Make sure you follow @krsikapamarija for your daily dose of fashion and lifestyle inspiration. 

Marija wore our Mariana blouse in the Olive green colour.