Under the Tuscan Sun

Italy is probably one of the most beautiful and diverse place in the world - and we are not biased at all when saying this ;)
We went on a little holiday between Umbria and Tuscany to relax and discover new sceneries.
And what else than our silk dresses to live the real dolce vita?

Wandering between the vineyards and sunflower fields

Spending some time in Tuscany is like stepping into a painting. Gorgeous hues of yellows and greens, breathtaking hills in the horizon and sinuous roads lined with cypresses truly make it a magical place.

Somewhere in Time

If you are heading down to Tuscany, we would recommend visiting the beautiful Florence and nearby Fiesole (for an amazing view on the city), San Gimignano and Lucca to take a step back in time and Arezzo and Siena for beautiful architecture. Further down, the region of Umbria is equally as beautiful and way less touristy. If you are visiting, we would take time to explore Perugia, Assisi and the adorable Panicale and Deruta.

Where are you spending your holiday this year? We are curious to know!

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