Self-Love Guide

After this difficult year we all deserve to do something for ourselves. So, until hugging is safe again, here's a guide to help you recharge before 2021!
Illustrated by our favorite content creators✨

First, the basics

Breath in 🌬  Breathe out

The skin is the biggest organ

And your biggest excuse to pamper yourself 🧖‍♀️

So take care of it✨

Your daily routine can also serve as a time to decompress before or after a long day.

And while you're at it...

Wash your hair, light a candle and binge watch your favorite shows.

Make a day out of it

Or stay in bed until late and give yourself some love 💝

Cook your favorite food

More pasta - Less drama 🍝

Read your favorite book

Something not work/education related to really get your mind off of things 📚

Take a bike ride through your neighborhood

Light exercise to release feel-good endorphins 🚲

Buy (yourself) a bouquet of flowers 💐

Extra points if you support a local business in the process

Get dressed and made up 💄

Or down, whatever makes YOU happy!

To have a fun night in 🥂

(With a glass of wine, of course)

Do something for yourself and the world...

No matter how big or small, it counts!

Set your intentions for next year

Positive vibes and BIG plans for 2021💥

Dream big!

The (post-pandemic) world is your oyster 🗺

And plan dreamy weekends away ✈️

Or a dreamy staycation 🏖