A few words about me on International Women's Day. 

et me introduce myself. My name is Maud, I am 25, originally from France, living in Milan and I am the designer and founder of Instance. You might have seen my face before. Yes, I do model for my own brand sometimes. Hey! we are a small business!

When I started Instance,  I wanted to create garments that I otherwise couldn't find in stores. Pieces that were both feminine and easy to wear and most importantly that I could see myself wearing throughout the seasons without getting tired of them. I wanted to translate my vision of femininity into clothes while respecting people and the planet. In Italy, the quality of materials and the craftsmanship are a true treasure and I wanted to take advantage of it.

I had studied economics and fashion design and even got a masters degree, but to be honest, I didn't really know where to start. There are so many things that they don't teach you in school. Where to find suppliers? How to figure out pricing? How to make clothes beautiful but also wearable? How to handle shipping? A website?Many things that I had to figure out along the way, sometimes asking help from people who know more than I do. I have learnt a lot and become more skilled and confident and overall a better version of myself. 

Being an entrepreneur is a challenging and rewarding journey, full of surprises and small victories. But behind the nice clothes and pretty instagram pictures, there is a lot of hard work, some setbacks, some failures. Luckily, I am surrounded by people who both inspire and motivate me : my father, who finds solutions to every issue, Charlotte, who besides being an amazing friend is also a supportive mentor, Simona, a talented designer and wonder woman or Erica, my always-positive professor.

I also look up to successful women I only know through the internet but hope to meet one day, like Danielle Bernstein, who built an empire from the ground up, Xenia Adonts, influencer and entrepreneur, who reminds me that positivity attracts positivity or Negin Mirsalehi who showed me you could turn a passion into a business by believing in yourself. These ladies are showing the industry how incredible things happen when women support each others and are leading young girls towards women empowerment. 

I am grateful for these people, my family and my friends. I am blessed to have the best soon-to-be husband (yes, I will design my own wedding dress!) and the cutest pug, who also happens to be my personal assistant. My brand has allowed me to meet wonderful artisans, mostly women, who work with me to create the best quality available and turn my designs into precious pieces. Most importantly, I feel so lucky to see my clothes come to reality and be part of your lives. Meeting you, in person or online, getting your feedback and your impressions is the most rewarding feeling there is. Thank you ladies, and Happy International Women's Day!


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