100% Pure silk dress.

Ara is the elegant dress of our dreams. With her long sleeves and ruffle detail, she will be the dress to wear during all your parties and events. She is soft on the waist for comfort and flattering in the back. 

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We use both leftover fabric (called “deadstock”) and new Italian silk to create each of our designs. Our clothes are 100% Made in Italy, where our talented team puts care and intention into each seam they sew. We are proud to create slow, conscious fashion.

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Model wears the smallest size. Either S or S/M depending on the item. 

Please contact us if you have any doubt about which size will be the best for you : , we will answer you quickly. 

This garment was made in a delicate and noble material. To grant it a long life and to preserve its beauty, we suggest avoiding any contact with your perfume and beauty products.

We highly recommend dry cleaning by a professional in order to give it the level of attention it deserves. If however you preferred taking care of it yourself, it is best to hand wash your piece with a soft detergent, and to rince it using cold water.

Please avoid soaking it for too long or wringing it out, as it might impair its quality. Dry flat and iron using a damp clothes to protect your garment.

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